marston air quality enforcement
Air quality improvement and climate adaptation solutions for the public sector

Marston Holdings understands the social, economic or environmental challenges faced by local authorities. Working collaboratively with our Local Authority and Central Government clients across the UK and EU, we develop, refine and execute a wide range of air quality enforcement solutions to meet their local and regional air quality and environmental targets and objectives.

With a range of air quality solutions, including Clean Air Zones and Low Traffic Neighbourhoods, Marston continues to push the boundaries for cost effective, low risk solutions to meet national strategies for climate change and air quality improvement.

Project Centre, the award-winning transport and design consultancy, provides clients with research, data analysis and business cases to secure funding and local support for clean air projects. Videalert, another Marston company, provides the CCTV and infrastructure used as the backbone for Clean Air Zones, Low Emission Zones, Road User Charging and civil traffic enforcement.

We have seen significant improvements in local air quality and reductions in carbon emissions due to the unprecedented travel restrictions across all modes of transport. Marston is working hard on how to maintain these improvements when the world gets back to normal and is developing tools that can stimulate and maintain sustainable travel patterns.

The time is now to deliver innovation that can lead to real change. Our integrated air quality solutions offer our clients the best possible way to achieve their goals and tackle ambitious enviornmental challenges.
Nick Ruxton-Boyle

Our solutions for the public sector
  • icon-user
    • research and development
    • surveys and data collection
    • feasibility studies
    • concept to detail design
    • business cases
    • funding submissions
    • engagement and marketing
    • complementary measures design
    • IT system design
  • icon-building
    • fixed ANPR cameras
    • mobile ANPR cameras
    • back office processing
    • data warehousing
    • system integration
    • website/app accessibility
    • traffic lines and signage
    • EV charging
  • icon-tool
    • PCN processing
    • UK debt services
    • Non UK debt services
    • permiting/whitelisting
    • data analytics/BI
    • payments/refunds
    • audit/reporting
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