Who We Are

Who We Are

About Us

Burlington is a trading name of Marston Regulated Services Limited, which is part of the Marston Holdings group of companies. Authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority, MRSL are the market leader in the recovery of assets (vehicle and non-vehicle) along with the recovery of arrears on behalf of captive & non-captive lenders , operating across the UK and internationally.

Our Purpose

Our purpose is to enable creditors to manage and recover outstanding liabilities in a compliant and effective manner and to propagate lasting client relationships by providing unparalleled levels of service. We achieve this by maintaining high standards of training and selection for our team members.

Our Team

With professional representation in the field from our Enforcement Agents and reassuringly excellent levels of service from our Account Management and Client Services Teams, Burlington provides the full package.

Our Enforcement Agents

Burlington provide coverage across the whole of the UK. Our Enforcement Agents are required to demonstrate to the courts that they have attained the required standard of knowledge and training and our officers apply that knowledge to all the areas in which we operate.

Our Account Managers

A key element that distinguishes Burlington is our Account Management team. As your first line of contact within Burlington, your Account Manager is on hand to answer any questions and to receive and execute your instructions. Our Account Managers also work closely with our Enforcement Agents to provide them with operational support where needed.

Our Client Services Team

Our Client Services Team works with our clients to understand their requirements, ensure service levels are met and to share ideas on how to improve communication, reporting and performance.

Our Strengths

We are simply a way of reaching customers that have not continued their commitment to pay their outstanding loan.. What makes us different is our extensive knowledge and experience in applying litigation and enforcement techniques to those who refuse to respond to telephone and letter debt collection techniques. Our attitude towards compliance and our professionalism make us a ‘safe pair of hands’ for creditors with a reputation to maintain.

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