How to Instruct Us – The Transfer Up Process

Guidance on the transfer up process

About Marston’s transfer up process

This service allows you to apply for County Court Judgments to be transferred to the High Court for enforcement. This service is free as long as you select an authorised HCEO within Marston to enforce the writ once issued.

Complete our transfer up form

Guidance notes

This service is entirely free providing you agree that the writ should be directed to Marston for enforcement.

We require a £66.00 fee in the form of a cheque to cover the court fees for issuing the writ of control, currently £66.00 per matter. Using the form you can apply for:

  • A full transfer up – where we will generate and process the transfer form (N293A) and obtain the writ of control, or
  • A part transfer up – where you provide the transfer form (N293A) and we do the rest.

We will keep you informed of progress at every stage of the transfer process.

Please note that we are unable to transfer a judgment where the debt is based upon a regulated agreement under the Consumer Credit Act 1974.

If you have any other type of judgment or particular needs for our transfer up service, please contact Donna Draycott at the Transfer-up department on 0330 135 8929 or email

For a full transfer up:

Please complete the online form and post it to us together with;

  • A copy of the judgment or order (often referred to as N30)
  • A cheque for £66.00 made payable to Her Majesty’s Courts & Tribunal Service (HMCTS).

For a part transfer up:

Please complete the online form and post it to us together with;

  • The original signed and sealed N293A form;
  • A cheque of £66.00 made payable to Her Majesty’s Courts & Tribunal Service (or HMCTS)

Keeping you informed

We will inform you when:

  • We have received the documents from you and make the application for the transfer
  • When the transfer has been received and the application has been made for the writ
  • When the sealed writ has been received and sent to Marston Group for enforcement
  • We experience problems or delays in dealing with the transfer process.

The process

The online request form is the most efficient way to contact us and will speed up your request. To use the online form processing, you should follow these steps:

Step one:

Complete the online form.

Step two:

Print your completed form.

Step three:

Send by post a copy of your signed request form together with copies of any other relevant documents and your cheque for £66.00 payable to Her Majesty’s Courts & Tribunal Service (or HMCTS).

How to contact us

Telephone: 0330 135 8929

The postal address is:

Marston Legal Services Limited ABS (Marston Group Transfer Up Department)
Embassy House
60 Church Street
West Midlands
B3 2DJ


DX 13014 Birmingham

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