Writ of Control

Recovery of debt

Recovery of debt

We can take your unenforced judgment and transfer this to the High Court at no cost through our complimentary transfer up service.

Why choose Marston?

We are the UK’s largest judicial services group, and we successfully recover over £30 million for our High Court clients each year. If you have obtained a judgment against a customer and this currently remains outstanding, we can enforce via a writ of control, formerly known fieri facias.

We can issue a writ of control immediately after the court’s judgment or when an instruction is made to recover money. Since April 2010 and October 2010, these include employment tribunal and ACAS awards respectively, unless otherwise stipulated.

Our High Court Enforcement Officer (HCEO) can be instructed to enforce any judgment obtained:

  • At the High Court
  • At the County Court: for judgments over £600, provided they are not regulated under the Consumer Credit Act 1974 (these agreements can only be enforced in the county court by their own enforcement agents), if these are transferred up to the High Court for enforcement
  • Through any employment tribunal or ACAS awards.

Judgments in the County Court for £600 or less can only be enforced by a warrant or execution in the county court. However, if the order follows an employment tribunal or ACAS award, an application can be made for a writ to be enforced by a HCEO, regardless of the amount

  • Judgments over £600 can be transferred up to the High Court for enforcement
  • Many authorised HCEOs offer this service if your judgment has been obtained in the county court.

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