Michael Jackson

Director of High Court Services

Michael joined a firm of Sheriff’s Officers in the early 1980’s where he became a Sheriff’s Officer for Greater London, Surrey and Hertfordshire and later for the City of London as Sergeant at Mace. Michael moved to the Midlands to join Marston where he became a High Court Enforcement Officer following the regulatory changes in 2004.

He has served on the boards of the Sheriff’s Officers Association, now High Court Enforcement Officers Association (HCEOA), as a general board member and currently as the HCEOA’s treasurer, having formerly been the Complaints Officer.

During his years on the board, Michael has worked with the MOJ assisting with the change of enforcement of Employment Awards to enforcement in the High Court, the production of Statistics with the MOJ, and the various calls for evidence, and additionally within the association as a part of the Education Working Party for the association developing the ICM qualification for High Court Enforcement Officers,the website and the associations Best Practice for HCEO’s

He remains an active member of the ICM for some 10 years, where he is a FICM.

Director of High Court Services

T: 0121 200 7410
M: 0773 419 4016
E: Michael.Jackson@marstongroup.co.uk

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How to contact us

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