What to do

Received a notice from Marston?

You may have received a notice because we have been instructed by our client to contact you to collect money owed to them. This debt has been passed to Marston to recover.

I have received a notice of enforcement, what should I do?

Please contact us. There are instructions on the notice on how to pay. The notice will also include a telephone number and it is important that you speak to our customer contact centre in order to discuss the debt. If you ignore the notice you may receive further charges.

I have received a notice for someone who does not live at my address, what should I do?

We have been directed to this address under the instructions received from the client. Address details will be based on the address that the customer last gave to the client for contact or that various other checks may have provided.

If you are not the named person on the notice, we apologise for any inconvenience caused.

The latest address for a customer can take time to filter through official records. If we have tried to contact a person who no longer resides at the named premises, please provide proof that you reside at the address so that we can cease action.

Please provide proof by posting or emailing an up to date utility bill, tenancy agreement or council tax bill, along with any further address or telephone number you may have for the customer to assist us in re-directing our contact.

What happens if I ignore the notice?

As we have been asked to collect outstanding debt by the High Court or private client, we would continue recovery action and an enforcement agent may remove your goods for sale if we have received no contact from you. You may also receive further charges from us.

I have already paid this. Why have you sent me this letter?

Please provide Marston with proof of your payment to allow us to investigate this further.

I have no knowledge of this debt/I disagree that the debt is valid

You should contact us as soon as possible and let us know that you have a dispute, and tell us why you disagree with the debt and we can advise you on the next steps to find a solution.

Action to recover a debt can only be stopped when we are told either by our client to or by a court order instructing us to do so.