Have a question?

Have a question?

Have a question?

Here you can find answers to questions that you may have following contact from Burlington. Our aim is to work with individuals in a constructive manner to help resolve debt issues. If you have any questions that are not answered below, please contact a member of our Client Services Team on 0330 900 8000.

Who are Burlington?

Marston Regulated Services Limited t/a Burlington are an asset repossession specialist.

What have you been instructed to do?

The reasons for our instruction can vary; however, we will usually be instructed on behalf of a creditor to discuss repayment of a debt.

Who has instructed you?

We receive instructions from several different creditors, including banks, motor finance providers and car companies We also receive instructions from solicitors or agents acting on behalf of creditors.

Does Burlington apply costs/charges?

No; we do not charge you for our service to the client.

Does Burlington apply interest?

We do not charge interest on our fees. However, you may find that we are instructed to collect interest on the original debt or additional client fees

How can I contact Burlington?

To contact Burlington, simply call  0330 900 8000 or email mail@burlingtongroup.co.uk. If you have received a calling card from us, it will help if you can quote the reference number on the card.

How do I identify a member of Burlington Field Agent?

All our Field Agents carry Burlington photo ID cards, which they will show you upon arrival. If identification isn’t volunteered, you should request it. Their ID cards have photos of the Agents, along with their full name, job title and a contact number, which you can use to verify identity.

Our Field Agents will usually carry a letter of authority from our client and/or some other verification of the debt.

If you have any concerns about the identity of the person who has visited you or the terms of our instruction, you should contact us on  0330 900 8000.

Why did the creditor not contact me?

It is likely the creditor has tried to contact you to discuss missed payments. In most cases, this will be by letter and telephone. Burlington are generally instructed where the creditor has been unable to establish contact with you or where the creditor wants to escalate the debt.

What if my financial circumstances change?

If your financial circumstances change, you should let us know so we can update our records and ensure your repayment plan is still the most suitable for you. It is our priority to ensure your repayment plan is both affordable and realistic to your current circumstances and if we set up a repayment plan, we will generally look to revisit every three months.

What is the impact on my credit file?

If you have a default notice from a finance company, it will almost certainly already have had a negative impact on your credit file.

Burlington are not required to report to credit reference agencies, so the actions we take will not affect your credit file. However, if we can reach a resolution with you to clear the debt, it will almost certainly help to improve your credit rating.

Where can I get a copy of my credit file?

You can use Experian or another credit reference agency to access your credit file. Experian currently offers a 30-day trial for new customers; see their website for more details and full terms and conditions.

Where can I go for help and advice?

You can contact our team to ask any questions you have regarding the action we have been instructed to take; or to discuss a repayment plan. To speak to a member of our team call 0330 900 8000.

You are contacting me about a debt that I don’t believe is mine, what can I do?

If you believe that you are not responsible for the debt in question, please contact us on 0330 900 8000 and we will do what we can to verify the debt with you or contact our client.

The person Burlington are looking to contact no longer lives at my address or has never lived at this address

If we have visited your address in error, please don’t worry. Whilst we do what we can to verify address information that we are supplied by credit reference agencies, there are occasions when the information we are supplied is incorrect. We would encourage you to contact us on 0330 900 8000 and we will carry out further verification.

Where can I seek advice on evictions?

If you are facing eviction from your property, we suggest you contact your local council to explore what housing options are available to you. For general advice on evictions, please visit this useful resource from the Citizens Advice Bureau: www.adviceguide.org.uk/england/housing

What can and can’t Burlington’s Field Agents do?

This depends upon the terms of our instruction (who has instructed us and for what reason).

Why have I had my goods repossessed by Burlington?

If you have had goods repossessed by Burlington, it will be because there you have outstanding arrears on a finance agreement

What should I do now?

It is important that you contact us so we can discuss everything with you and advise you on next steps. To contact us please call 0330 900 8000.

We understand and appreciate that speaking with a stranger regarding your finances and outstanding debt can be difficult, but we deal with this daily and our experienced team are here to help you reach an affordable and realistic solution. If we don’t hear from you there’s a good chance that the creditor might seek to escalate the matter further.

What happens if you don’t hear from us?

If you are waiting to hear from us and for some reason you haven’t, please get in touch with us by calling call 0330 900 8000.

How do I make a payment?

There are several ways in which you can pay off your debt; by making a bank transfer, by making a card payment, or by speaking to a member of our team about setting up a direct debit repayment plan.

Set up a payment plan by direct debit

If you wish to set up a direct debit, please contact a member of our team on 0330 900 8000 to discuss.

Make a one-off payment by card

If you wish to make a one-off payment to settle your debt, please call us on 0330 900 8000 and payment will be taken over the phone by card.

Important info

You must quote your reference number, or we may not have enough information to update our records to show you’ve made payment.

If we can’t tell which account, customer or client a payment is for, we will hold the money (called an ‘unattributed payment’) in suspense for up to 180 days. This means we won’t touch it for that time. After that time, we may keep this money.

If a customer later shows us proof that they made an unattributed payment, we will apply it correctly or refund the customer.